How to Use a Fountain Pen for the First Time

Using a Fountain Pen

The fountain pen is one that many hold in esteem. It is also one that others find to be intimidating. Let’s face it; it’s not a ball point pen. It has a grander history, and requires a bit more skill to wield.

Fear not, it’s fairly easy to learn and with bit of practice, you’ll be hooked for life.  What is most important is learning to hold this pen. Once you’ve got that down, you’ll be ready to experiment with the different nibs (pen tips). This is where it becomes fun as well as creative. Once you’ve learned what each nib is for, there will be no stopping you.

This video does a great job at breaking down the fountain pen basics:

This video discusses how to hold the pen for everyday writing and also how to use the pen for formal writing and calligraphy. It explains the different forms of nibs that are used as well.

How to Correctly Handle A Fountain Pen

This video deals with the design of the fountain pen and how to hold one. It explains how modern fountain pens are not prone to leakage. The video explains that a pen should be held with the nib facing outwards so that the ink flows smoothly

How to Maintain a Fountain Pen

This is a video concerning how to disassemble, clean and maintain the fountain pen. It considers the different types of ink that can be used and the methods for cleaning those out.

How to Fix a Fountain Pen

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