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  • The First Pen

    Who Invented the First Pen?

    The Pen: Who Invented it and When? The Quill: Most everyone on the planet knows what the pen is but how many people know its real history? Some may argue that a quill is not actually a pen. But the Old French word ” pene ” which comes from the Latin word “penna” actually means […] More

  • Fountain Pen

    Best Luxury Pens in the World

    Tracing the best luxury fountain pens ever made Many are awed and amazed by some of the world’s most complex and expensive ink-based writing implements. Some are crafted by hand and in collections so small that they number the single digits. What are we speaking of? They are none other than fountain pens. But just […] More

  • Using a fountain pen

    How to Use a Fountain Pen for the First Time

    Using a Fountain Pen The fountain pen is one that many hold in esteem. It is also one that others find to be intimidating. Let’s face it; it’s not a ball point pen. It has a grander history, and requires a bit more skill to wield. Fear not, it’s fairly easy to learn and with […] More

  • How to Fix a Fountain Pen

    Fountain pens with their different parts, although classic, can be a hassle to disassemble and clean if you don’t know how. Below is some info on how to make that work for you. More

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